Air crash Investigation

14   /   02   /   2020

The activity will be held in 3 rounds and need a single person or 2 as people as a team. Participants will be shown video or will be provided with a case study and according to the case study/video, the participants need to give us the best possible reason behind the crash in the given time (15 minutes). The one giving us the most accurate points will move to the next round where the difficulty of the video/case study increases to the moderate level and will be judged on the same as above basis and move to the last round. The last round will contain a case study which will be a challenging one. Participants with highest level of accuracy in all the rounds will be declared as the winner of the activity.
This activity is of great fun where the participants will be put into the boots of the investigation team and will make them think in more realistic way and allow them to think more broadly and logically. The Case study or video will be containing a Aircraft Crash Situation where the participants will tell the possible reason behind the crash. The participants will be briefed before we start conducting the activity.



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