14   /   02   /   2020

The Contest will take place in 2 rounds, 1st being Mass Competition out of which Top 6 will be selected who will then proceed to 2nd round which will decide the Winner, 1st Runner Up and the 2nd Runner Up. Round 1 (Extempore): This event will be an Unprepared Speech Contest. Each participant will be given 30 seconds to prepare and 2 – 2:30 minutes to speak. The judges will be given 5 minutes to select the Top 6 speakers from Round 1. The speakers will be judged on the factors such as stage use, tone variation, eye contact, hand gestures, quality of language, creativity and on the spot thinking ability. Any speaker who speaks for either less than a minute or more than 2:30 minutes will be considered eliminated. Round 2 (Jammin): All that matter is the command over the lingua franca of the cosmos. So full that unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth of impeccable English and you would be the winner. It will be a solo competition in which the participants are invited to speak in rotation, for one minute on a given subject in English, without any hesitation, repetition, deviation or grammatical. Participants are allowed to challenge or jam the speaker at any hesitation, repetition, deviation or grammatical errors”. A player who makes a correct challenge takes over the subject for a minute or until he or she is successfully challenged. Any obscenity will lead to disqualification. The final decision is based on the discretion of the JAM Master and the organising committee. To object, slam the table and say “JAM”. The JAM master decides when you are allowed to put forth your objection. Each one of them has to speak for 90 sec for given topic until JAMMED by others. The one who speaks without any errors or getting jammed is the winner! 



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