Airport bidding

14   /   02   /   2020

A series of slots at an airport will be up for bidding (auction) which will be offering best time period of the day. With the help of instructions and guidelines which will be provided by us, come and help your own airline to touch the skies. Come along us, bid the highest price for the slot, gain more aviation knowledge and win amazing cash prizes.
This event is all about bidding for the airline slots at an airport in a day with virtual money already provided. Bid for non-peak hour slots and golden hour slots which carry more points and make your airline win. Informal bidding among the teams will also be permitted which will make the bidding more interesting. Participants can choose their own airline name representing their team. This is basically similar to IPL auction. Simple demonstrations will be given before the start of the event to get the things started. The team with more points will be declared the winner.



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