Era of Online Events

As the nation tussles with the mayhem caused by the novel Coronavirus, not only is it the physical and mental health of individuals that is getting affected, but the economy is also facing the brunt of this menace.

Events and public celebrations are no stranger to this trend, with the announcement of the lockdown, the sphere of outdoor entertainment came to an absolute standstill.

Since mass gatherings are one of the proven ways of spreading the disease, many people will be skeptical about attending events.

Therefore, smaller events with a manageable audience are the immediate future of such happenings.

Anyone who has been a part of event planning knows, no amount of planning can predict the weather, a venue or cancellation, or – as we are currently dealing with a ‘global pandemic’.

When unexpected setbacks derail events, a contingency plan helps to decide the next move.

This is what we, at Ignite are striving to achieve. We are trying to come up with the most interactive sessions while being at home, through coordination and proper planning.

The bottom line is, despite our expertise and experience, adaptability is still the most beneficial skill one needs as an event planner.

To cope with the current circumstances, Team Ignite is resorting to their online platforms to generate awareness, drive traffic, promotion of upcoming virtual events as well as enhancement of viewer participation.

We hope to look forward to a successful 10th anniversary celebration of Ignite, either online or offline.

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